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Bego Guide

Guided surgery
The BEGO Guide S-Line Tray – the perfect complement to your BEGO Semados® S implant system!

The BEGO Guide S-Line Tray allows you to perform completely guided implant placement of BEGO Semados® S implants (S3.25 – 4.5). For the use of this tray you require a BEGO Guide drill template whose production is based on a three-dimensional, virtual implant plan and which is equipped with the BEGO Guide master sleeve. This type of template is available from a range of suppliers. You can find an up-to-date list of the compatible systems at

The BEGO Guide S-Line Tray offers you simple handling, which makes safe guided surgery simple for you. All the instruments can be quickly and intuitively assigned as the BEGO Guide S-Line Tray is clearly partitioned in two sections (A and B). Depending on which implant diameter is planned or which master sleeve is in the drill template, you will either require the instruments from the upper (A) or lower (B) section of the tray – only the depth drills are positioned between the two sections A and B in the tray. In addition, all the instruments are positioned in the order that they are used (from left to right) and labelled. This offers you added safety and optimal convenience during implant placement. A protocol included by the manufacturer of the respective drill template also provides you with support when choosing the instruments to use. This lists all the preparation steps in detail (step by step). 


The most important details

Self-locking spoons

Two hands instead of three: with the new BEGO technology – the self-locking BEGO Guide Spoons – completely guided implant placement is even more convenient. With this method, you do not need an additional hand to hold the reduction spoon, the BEGO Guide Spoon. Simply insert the BEGO Guide Spoons in the master sleeve (A or B) and lock them in place with a small twist. The BEGO Guide Spoons are now locked in the drill template and you can focus your full attention on the drilling. A small twist in the opposite direction is sufficient to unlock the spoons, allowing you to change to the next implant position quickly and conveniently.

The system's open approach

With the BEGO Guide S-Line Tray you don't have to tie yourself down to working with a specific guide system. BEGO Implant Systems offers a range of planning system providers the possibility of implementing the BEGO Guide S-Line Tray in their respective software, so that you can continue to work with your favourite system. BEGO Guide S-Line Tray is already compatible with a wide range of different systems. 

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