Bego Semados® S

Bego Semados® S

BEGO Semados® S-Implants

Characterised by outstanding primary stability, the straight implant shape uses conical sections in the cervical and apical areas to attain final compression of the crestal bone and facilitate improved positioning in the prepared cavity. The rounded implant apex ensures that anatomical structures (such as the sinus membrane) remain undamaged. The implant design (with core diameter increasing and thread depth decreasing towards the prosthetic interface) ensures enhanced implant stability and thus promotes the long-term success of implant treatment. 

The gradually decreasing thread depth towards the implant shoulder and the slightly progressive fine thread produce both defined compression of the crestal bone and an improved bone contact rate in critical peri-implant bone. 

The prosthetic interface is a combination of a conical (45° taper) and an anti-rotation (deep hex) implant- abutment connection. The advantages of the taper are high resistance to microbial leakage, elimination of micromovement, correction of implant angulations using special „no hex“ abutments (see illustration) and minimisation of stress peaks in the implant and in peri-implant bone. The anti-rotation protection simplifies the work of prosthodontists and dental technicians, enabling the correct position of the abutment in the implant to be pinpointed at any time, without the need for an extra transfer key.


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