Bego Semados® RI

Bego Semados® RI

BEGO Semados® RI-Implants

The BEGO Semados® RI-implant is the high-performance implant for special cases. The conical basic shape guarantees outstanding primary stability thanks to its condensing thread flanks and parallel microthread. Even in difficult cases involving immediate restoration, a sufficient insertion torque is achieved to guarantee reliable mechanical stability. The unique implant shape is protected by patent. 

The laterally aligned thread flanks adapt to the pre-shaped cavities, ensuring an excellent fit. In the case of poor bone quality, the implant/ bone contact rate can be increased – as with a bone chisel - using non-ablative thread formers, for improved mechanical stability. 

As with the BEGO Semados® S-implant, the prosthetic interface is a combination of a conical (45° taper) and an antirotation (deep hex) implant-abutment connection. The prosthetic components of the two types are therefore compatible.

Subtec universal

Ri Line


Standard for upper and lower jaw

Mulit Plus low