„The alloplastic option“

Highly developed technologies enable materials to be produced under strictly controlled conditions and the properties of natural structures to be replicated.
BEGO OSS S is an alloplastic bone substitute material which is produced in compliance with the most stringent development standards. The controlled formation of two homogeneously distributed phases (60% hydroxyapatite and 40% β-tri-calcium phosphate) is achieved in a precision production process.

The morphological structure of BEGO OSS S corresponds to a highly complex network of interconnecting pores in which the macroporous dimensions of natural bone are reproduced in order to guarantee the optimal recruitment of bone cells. Micropores and a nanostructure surface generate strong capillary forces and ensure the hydrophilic properties. Effective adhesion of proteins
and the complete penetration of BEGO OSS S with blood are thus provided for.

BEGO OSS S was developed to facilitate a high degree of de novo osteogenesis. The resorption kinetics of BEGO OSS S ideally accommodate the demands for a resorbable, synthetic bone substitute material. Thanks to the innovative homogeneous distribution of both phases in the material, additional effective protection against premature resorption is offered. 


The advantages at a glance

  • Advanced, synthetic homogeneous two-phase compound
  • Gradually and completely resorbable
  • Long-term volume-stable component to protect against premature resorption
  • Interconnecting 3D pore system for ideal osteoconduction of the bone-forming cells