"The classic choice"

Bone regeneration with natural bone mineral – BEGO OSS is a bovine bone substitute material with which the natural properties of the bone tissue are retained and, thanks to targeted modifications, optimised morphology for quick integration in new vital bone is achieved. Production in Germany ensures the very highest safety standards.

BEGO OSS features an interconnecting pore system which combines a high degree of porosity with simultaneous mechanical stability The BEGO OSS 3D pore system is a highly complex network in which the macroporous dimensions of natural bone are preserved in order to ensure the optimal recruitment of bone cells. Micropores generate strong capillary forces for the complete penetration of BEGO OSS with blood. The nanoporous hydrophilic surface is ideal for binding highly effective proteins to BEGO OSS. The BEGO OSS properties have been optimised to achieve a high level of de novo osteogenesis.


The advantages at a glance

  • Preservation of the natural bone structure with improved mechanical properties
  • Interconnecting pore system – 3D pore dimensions for excellent osteoconduction of the bone-forming cells, strong capillary effect and optimal adhesion of proteins and blood serum components
  • The production process ensures the exclusion of organic components
  • No immune reactions