CADIAX compact 2

CADIAX compact 2
CADIAX compact 2

Recording system consisting of an electronic measuring system and an easily manageable Windows software for quickly registering mandible joint movements. Uses the Reference AB face-bow, fixed to the head and holding the flags, and a mandible bow, adjusted to an arbitrary hinge axis. CADIAX compact 2 is easy to use and the results are reproducible.

The system saves following curves, max. 3 per patient: 
protrusion, mediotrusion right and left, open/close.
In addition, 10 CPM positions may also be recorded.

The individual patient's articulator calculations are done at the push of a button. For documentation, the curves are printed put directly on a colour printer. Optionally, the data can be saved in the Gamma Dental software.

CADIAX compact 2:

Electronic registration system, consisting of:
Electronic box
2 Flags
2 Styli
Foot switch
Recording software
(Gamma Dental Software not included)

For further information please download the following brochure.