L Protect - the ultimate combination of protection and illumination

The high quality protective glass with LED frame can be fitted to nearly all conventional suction devices with a retaining adapter. It can also be used without a suction device with the optionally available bracket.

L Protect by Schick Dental – the worldwide first protective glass with LED lighting. It offers a unique combination of modern, energy-saving workstation illumination and a protective glass pane. Equipped with highly efficient SMD-LED‘s, L Protect offers exceptional illumination of the working area without irritating shadows. At the same time it ensures a maximum occupational safety.

The LED frame and protective glass can be easily separated. With an illuminance of 2,500 Lux (brighter than two 60W light bulbs) and minimum energy requirements of 8 watts, L Protect is an economical alternative to conventional workplace lighting systems.

L Protect offers a lot of advantages:

  • Bright and shadow-free illumination
  • Long-lasting and energy-saving SMD-LED‘s
  • Special protective glass pane
  • Easy handling
  • Compatible with conventional suction devices
  • Optionally available with bracket