Air puffer system

Air puffer system – a clear choice

Quick and easy

The air puffer system by Schick Dental is another innovative product meant to maximise the workstation ergonomic use of equipment. Used for cleaning and cooling all materials and tools right at the workstation, the air puffer is activated via a foot switch. The inconvenience of having to reach for the air cleaning nozzle is a thing of the past. The air puffer is easily attached to the suction hood or to the workstation and features ball joints for flexible positioning. The grinding dust is therefore blown directly towards the extraction system. The air jet intensity can be easily adjusted via a knob placed on the connecting block.

The air puffer can be combined with the illuminated safety shield L-Protect to offer the technician a greater degree of efficiency, better working conditions and safety.

Technical data
Inlet pressure 3 – 6 bar
Compressed air connection NW 7,2
Weight 50 g
Articulated hose length 130 mm
Connecting cables 2 m