The working temperature is reached immediately by swiveling the patented heater over the material after scanning or entering the heating time – and the material is pressure moulded. The MINISTAR S® utilizes the same proven principles as all SCHEU-DENTAL pressure moulding machines by heating the side of the material which is placed directly over the model, leading to an increase of the surface temperature of up to 60°C. Thanks to this principle and the working pressure of 4 bar, precise and custom-fitting results for all material thicknesses from 0.1 mm up to 5.0 mm are guaranteed. The unique thermostatic control of the heater ensures constant heating temperatures, regardless of external influences, such as room temperature and line voltage. Perfectly heated material and reproducible moulds are the result.

• working temperature reached within 1 second
• scan technology
• 4 bar working pressure
• patented thermostatic heater
• clearly structured display
• acoustically and optically assisted operator guidance
• ergonomic pellet container
• surrounding channel for excess pellets
• 3 years warranty
• 10 years warranty on spare parts