Xanos Evo Scan COMPACT

Xanos Evo Scan COMPACT


Xanos Evo San Compact is an uniquely designed L-shaped dental scanner with 1.3 megapixel cameras.

Xanos Evo San Compact is compact with open-design that fits anywhere on your desk.

Xanos Evo San Compact is fast and intuitive. Higher-performance USB 3.0 can process faster than other scanners with USB 2.0.

1,3 MP, USB 3.0, <10 μm

Multi-die Scanning
Increase your work efficiency with Multi-die plate. You can scan complex models with multiple dies (up to 7) all at once.

Implant Multi-die Scanning
Highly productive and accurate data can be obtained with effortless scan spraying.

Additional Features

Impression Scanning
Compact is perfect for scanning gypsum models.
But it is also optimized for silicone and alginate impression.
Our innovative HSS algorithm enables you to capture areas that are difficult to scan and output final positive models.

Orthodontic Application

The Xanos Evo Scan Compact dental scanner is also optimized to be used for orthodontic applications.
The scan data you obtained from either your gymsum or impression will be have the necessary features to be ready for your orthodontic planning.

Pencil Mark Scanning

Everything cannot be digital.
We understand sometimes you need to rely on the pencil marks hand drawn by yourself.
Xanos Evo Scan Compact  will provide a feature for you to scan pencil lines overlaid on your digital data.